The use of BIM is a reality in several projects coordinated by Sondotécnica. Now, the company moves forward and starts using the Solibri Office platform for automated checking of BIM models. The work has been carried out in the provision of project management services to SEHAB (Municipal Housing Department of São Paulo) through 11 BIM models for Social Housing in the contracts of the Urban Operation Consorciada Água Espraiada, Lots A, B and C.

The BIM models of the projects contracted by SEHAB are delivered to the manager in IFC format for auditing and validation, which are then loaded into Solibri for quality validation, compatibility and even Code Checking – checking that the models adhere to current legislation and regulations .

“Since we started using Solibri, we realized the benefits offered by the platform. Analyzing projects in BIM in a manual and investigative way demands a lot of time and dedication, mainly due to the complexity of the information of a BIM model for budgeting”, explains the architect of Sondotécnica, Mônica Pinheiro.

SEHAB’s BIM models are also used as a basis for extracting quantities, enabling the subsequent budgeting of the work. In order to standardize the codification and technical specification of the elements, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the information, SEHAB developed, based on official spreadsheets (SIURB and SINAPI), an Elements Spreadsheet. This material indicates the model information requirements, such as code, name, technical specification, in addition to the IFC classification for each constructive component (doors, masonry, piping, landscaping items, etc.) from different disciplines.

In order to control and guarantee the quality of the BIM models, Sondotécnica thus performs an audit of the BIM models, also verifying that all the information requested by SEHAB has been met.

In partnership with the company CADTEC (partner of Solibri in Brazil), Sondotécnica developed checking rules for use in the Solibri Office, focusing on auditing and model quality, thus enabling part of the analysis to be carried out in an automated way.

“In addition to gaining agility and confidence in the analysis, with Solibri’s technology we were also able to guarantee our workflow. After identifying the non-conformities of the models, we produce the reports in BCF extension and in customized format for PDF, generating complete reports shared in the CDE. Providing the designers with comments in BCF format, generated in Solibri, made it possible to view the comments in the native model with greater precision”, reinforces the architect and BIM and Innovation manager at Sondotécnica, Stefania Dimitrov.