Transforming people’s lives is one of Sondotécnica’s pillars and, therefore, the company collaborates with institutions that are dedicated to helping those in need. One of them is the Mano Down Institute, an entity focused on promoting the autonomy and inclusion of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Since 2019, Sondotécnica has offered financial support to projects promoted by the institute as a way of contributing to ensuring the continuity of the important work carried out by the entity.

“We are very concerned about social causes and when we were introduced to Mano Down by Instituto Serendipidade, we fell in love with the project. The organization does an admirable job in the quest to make possible the autonomy and inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society and, therefore, we made a point of supporting them”, says the CEO of Sondotécnica, Fabio Bergman.

In addition to being aligned with the company’s ESG strategies, which are being developed and consolidated each year, the initiative is also related to Sondotécnica’s philosophy, which is to maintain its commitment as an agent of social transformation, indirectly reinforcing the brand’s ethical and moral values .

“We believe that our partnership with Mano Down helps to strengthen the main objective of the institute, which is to show that, despite these people having some special needs, they can go much further if they have support”, highlights Bergman.

Sondotécnica also financially supports several other projects such as “Strengthening Families”, which offers help, guidance and social and family monitoring to children and adolescents assisted by Associação Beneficente Santa Fé, in São Paulo, and institutions such as Associação Paradesportiva JR-SP, Instituto Reação and Froien Farain, where he participated in a crowdfunding campaign for setting up a physiotherapy room at the entity’s headquarters.