As good as feasibility studies and basic and executive design are, they alone are not enough to ensure incredible delivery. It is necessary to have professional management of the work, with expertise and technical quality.

A work is a complex, organic structure that requires a lot of attention in every detail. There are several actions that need to be coordinated simultaneously, hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of professionals involved, natural weather (such as rains, for example), contract with suppliers, etc.

Therefore, Sondotécnica carries out supervision and constant management of all its works, which guarantees management with differentiated quality and that all the requirements of the contract are fulfilled.

The management process is the part that plans and elaborates the steps to be developed in the work. On the other hand, supervision consists of monitoring its development.

The management of works must begin even before the work on the site, through good planning. Thus, we seek to ensure that everything goes as predetermined, with quality, within the deadline and budget, avoiding delays and more costs.

In addition, good management is able to predict unforeseen events even before they happen, so that solutions are delivered without further damage. After all, when it comes to works, when something is done badly, done wrong, or is not foreseen, everything else is harmed.


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