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An industry of ideas towards progress.

Leadership. Trust. Expertise.

Founded in 1954, with the initial goal of working in the areas of soil investigation and drilling, Sondotécnica has, over time, expanded its range of services, starting to offer dam studies and started consulting for the construction of hydroelectric power plants. It was a pioneer in the areas of hydrology, oceanography and sediment transport, and also acquired knowledge of structures, preparing projects for buildings, industrial complexes and even bridges.

With strong investment in research, training and qualification, the company diversified its area of activity and today provides services in various segments of infrastructure, focusing on the execution of projects, management, inspection and supervision of works.

Sondotécnica is today a leader in engineering consulting in Brazil, with more than 3 thousand projects executed and 400 clients served.

The services offered by Sondotécnica include the following

– Preliminary studies
– Master plans
– Viability studies
– Basic and executive designs
– Construction supervision and inspection
– Project and construction management
– Modeling of privatizations and concessions
– Preparation and coordination of environmental studies and technical support in obtaining the licenses necessary for the implementation and operation of enterprises
– Inspection of manufacturing, technical secification, assembly of structures
– Pre-operational tests and commissioning
– Technical support and construction supervision

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All this has led Sondotécnica to leadership in engineering consulting in Brazil. The more than 3 thousand desgins executed are valued at about US$ 500 billion.

Together, our designs encompass 34.5 thousand km of highways, 3.2 thousand km of railroads, 120 port undertakings, 3.5 thousand MW of hydroelectric power plants, 150 million m³ in dams, 15 million hectares of irrigated areas, 150 pumping stations, 3.8 km of collecting mains and 750 km of water mains.

We have 5 offices (3 in Brazil, 1 in Argentina and 1 in Angola). Our team consists of more than 400 employees, including engineers, architects, geologists, economists, technicians, designers, draftsmen and administrative staff.

Since 1980, Sondotécnica is a publicly traded company with shares negotiated at B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão.

Jaime Rotstein

Our Fuender

Jaime Rotstein: a history of work and services to Brazil.

Jaime Rotstein founded Sondotécnica in 1954. What could only be the common trajectory of a successful entrepreneur has become an example of dedication, collaboration and work in defense of our country’s progress.

His family came from Poland to Brazil in the 1920s. With his father he learned to value the importance of work from an early age. At the age of 11 he started working, not only to help with household expenses, but also for having a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

His mother was also a decisive figure in his life. With great vision and ability to predict the areas of greatest growth in the future, he guided his son to make a choice between two markets: engineering or chemistry.

Jaime opted for the first, and soon joined the National School of Engineering of Rio de Janeiro. A prominent student, he attracted the attention of professors and important professionals in the engineering market.

At only 25 years old he founded Sondotécnica.

From that moment on, not only a successful career would be built, but also a life trajectory full of professional and civic achievements.

He took leadership positions in matters vital to Brazil’s interests, such as the Engineering Defense Campaign (which resulted in Decree 64.345 of 04/10/1969) that supported the category.

He created the Brazilian Association of Engineering and Sanitation, which became the Brazilian Association of Sanitary Engineering – ABES, receiving the title of Patron of the Memory of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering in 1999.

He had a prominent role in defending the intensive use of fuel alcohol, receiving in 1983 the title of Pioneer of Carburant Alcohol, conferred by the Institute of Engineering of São Paulo.

In 1986, he was appointed by the then President of the Republic, José Sarney, to the National Energy Commission, for notorious and unblemished reputation.

In 1999, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Petrobras and BR Distribuidora and in the same year he joined the Municipal Council for Economic Development of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2011 he received the award of Eminent Engineer, granted by Clube da Engenharia.

In addition to a prominent business and public life, Jaime Rotstein has participated in dozens of conferences, round tables and TV programs in Brazil and abroad. He has written several articles and published 16 books that can synthesize much of his ideas and philosophy.

He worked every day, intensely and vigorously, for the progress of Brazil, until his death, in 2019, at the age of 91.

His teachings and values remain alive to this day and guide the path of Sondotécnica towards the future.

Progress can’t stop.

So every day, with sweat and intelligence, viaducts, schools, hospitals, housing estates, airports, industries, roads, ports, parks are built.

Sweat is the result of hard work, from those who know construction sites like the palm of their hand.

Intelligence is knowing how to do it with the maximum quality and efficiency, the result of a specialization acquired over decades.

From the cornerstone to the inaugural ribbon, Sondotécnica is at your side.

We offer strategic engineering consulting to ensure that projects are delivered with fantastic results.

We are a genuinely Brazilian company, which believes and works for a better future.

We are the right partner for your company’s progress.

We’re Sondotécnica.


To be the best company of ideas and intelligence in the service of progress.


We exist to build a better world.

A more prosperous world, based on solid convictions, respect, equality, freedom and work. We want a fairer world, where everyone has quality of life and equal conditions to fulfill their dreams.



Project given is project fulfilled.


Always deliver something more than expected.


We are on the side of our clients at all stages of the project.


Pride of being a 100% Brazilian company.


Always firm and strong in defense of our values and ideas.


To turn hardships into opportunities.

Management and Certification Policy

What differentiates a company in its segment is its way of acting.

The secret to a company’s success lies in management. And not just in the management of a department. It is necessary to have excellence in management as a whole.

In an integrated, collaborative, and strategic way, focused on results and sustainable development, management is the cornerstone for building a solid, reliable, progressive company.

Aware of this responsibility, Sondotécnica has been improving its operational processes focusing on worldwide best practices and internationally certified methodologies.

Sondotécnica is certified to work in Consulting and Engineering Designs, Enterprise Management, Supervision and Supervision of Works by the following standards:
– ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management)
– ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management)
– ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management)
– QUALIHAB (Enterprise Management)

Sondotécnica is certified by DNV-GL, whose accreditation is done by RvA, bodies that operate at the international level. Accreditation by the RvA ensures the competence of the certification body, attesting that it complies with the existing requirements.

SGI Policy

We are a Brazilian Consulting and Engineering Designs company, and we are committed to:

  • the continuous improvement of our services to increase the satisfaction of our customers, meeting the agreed commitments, developing activities with a high standard of quality and providing resources for the training of our employees;
  • the conservation of the environment for current and future generations, preventing the environmental impact of our activities, products and services;
  • stimulate the consultation and participation of employees in the health and safety management process, providing healthy and safe workplaces, and reducing risks through actions that favor the elimination of occupational hazards;
  • legislation and other applicable requirements relevant to stakeholders.

This system acts as a management and continuous improvement tool, aiming to satisfactorily meet the requirements specified by each client and commit to the preservation of the environment and the safety and health of its employees.

In addition, to meet market expectations, business growth and achieve ever higher levels of performance and competitiveness, Sondotécnica has as part of its operational routine a constant work in research and technology, with the objective of further improving its services and offering innovative solutions to its customers.