Relationship with Suppliers

More than suppliers, Sondotécnica prioritizes the creation and consolidation of a relationship based on partnership.

Given that all organizations need partners for their activities, having suppliers aligned with their values, who respect deadlines, deliver good quality material and service, and are up to date with the law and tax obligations is fundamental to the health of your company.

We believe that successful companies in the relationship with their suppliers have improved the rates of innovation, quality and reliability of their deliveries, in addition to reducing costs and risk factors.

Therefore, in its six decades of existence, Sondotécnica has always striven for an ethical relationship with its suppliers, based on mutual trust and the acquisition of products or provision of services made with quality.

For this, we have an Integrated Management System in Quality, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health (SGI in QHSE), based on ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001:2015, OHSAS-45001:2018, QUALIHAB and MTE Regulatory Stfloords, which are part of all processes.

As a result of this system, we request our suppliers to carry out their activities and provide their services, meeting the requirements expressed in the stfloords and procedures of Sondotécnica, as well as in the applicable legislation, according to the requirements presented in the following link document

Quality and HSE requirements for suppliers