Transparency and clarity in communication are two fundamental values ​​for us at Sondotécnica. And to increase everyone’s access to information related to our business, such as services provided, projects and areas of activity, we have implemented a virtual translator of the Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and a reader for people with disabilities on our website, making the most inclusive and accessible page.

By clicking on the right margin of the site, the Internet user will see the ‘Site reader’ tab and will be able to listen to all the available content by clicking with the cursor on the desired information. Also on the right side, you can access the ‘Accessible in pounds’ icon and meet Hugo, an assistant who virtually translates the information selected by the user into Brazilian Sign Language. The character was created by the Hand Talk platform, responsible for implementing the novelty on our page and also for granting the initiative the “Friend of the Deaf” seal.

According to a survey carried out in 2021 by the Movimento Web para Todos, of the more than 16 million active Brazilian websites, less than 1% are, in fact, accessible to people with disabilities, contrary to the right of accessibility in communication guaranteed by the Brazilian Law of Inclusion.

In Brazil, more than 9 million people speak the Brazilian Sign Language and in the world more than 80% of the deaf are illiterate in written languages. “We understand that this movement we are doing is an important collaboration for increasing the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. We feel proud to further promote this action that reinforces our commitment to accessibility”, highlights the CEO of Sondotécnica, Fabio Bergman.



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