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An Industry of Ideas Towards Progress.

Founded in 1954, with the initial goal of working in the areas of soil investigation and drilling, Sondotécnica has, over time, expanded its range of services, starting to offer dam studies and started consulting for the construction of hydroelectric power plants. It was a pioneer in the areas of hydrology, oceanography and sediment transport, and also acquired knowledge of structures, preparing projects for buildings, industrial complexes and even bridges.

With strong investment in research, training and qualification, the company diversified its area of activity and today provides services in various segments of infrastructure, focusing on the execution of projects, management, inspection and supervision of works.

Sondotécnica is today a leader in engineering consulting in Brazil, with more than 3 thousand projects executed and 400 clients served.

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Take a trip through time and learn about all the steps that led Sondotécnica to lead engineering consulting in Brazil.

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Creating a code of ethics and conduct to simply fulfill a formality of the current corporate world is not enough.

Sondotécnica believes that ethics is something that needs to be practiced daily. For this it needs to be debated, spoken, stimulated, questioned, constantly perfected.

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Investor Relations

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Relationship with Suppliers

More than suppliers, Sondotécnica prioritizes the creation and consolidation of a relationship based on partnership.

Given that all organizations need partners for their activities, having suppliers aligned with their values, who respect deadlines, deliver good quality material and service, and are up to date with the law and tax obligations is fundamental to the health of your company.

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sondotécnica adopts a voluntary and permanent commitment to contribute to the creation of a more just, prosperous, and humane society.

In this sense, we carry out social responsibility actions through social projects, own donations, and internal campaigns.

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