Sondotécnica has acted significantly in the area of transport, participating in most of the large studies and designs carried out in the main cities and metropolitan regions of the country, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

In recent years, in addition to conventional road systems designs and large mass transport designs, Sondotécnica has been preparing studies and designs to rationalize public transport and cargo.

This is done based on the adoption of measures that unite low cost of implementation in the short term of implementation, organizing the use of existing road space, optimizing its operation in terms of increasing safety and better meeting demand.

In this context, Sondotécnica has been executing intermodal terminal designs aimed at the operational rationalization of passenger boarding and disembarkation and cargo displacement, as well as the integration of different transport systems.

In addition to road designs, Sondotécnica also developed railway, subway and port designs. Among some examples, we can mention the Metropolitan Highway of São Paulo, the VLT in Rio de Janeiro, the Salvador Subway and the Port of Recife.


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