The project “Innovation for the evaluation report of housing in favelas”, developed by Sondotécnica, won the InovaInfra Award – Innovation in Engineering and Infrastructure 2023, carried out by the magazine O Empreiteiro, which recognizes innovative solutions applied in infrastructure projects. This is the second time that Sondotécnica has won this recognition. In 2022, the project “Application of GIS in Highway Concessions” also won the award.

The work chosen this year was developed in partnership with Construtivo and CPE Tecnologia to improve the process of elaborating the Evaluation Reports of housing to be removed in Paraisópolis, one of the largest slums in the city of São Paulo, with the aim of making the sanitation work on the Antonico Stream. In this report, it is necessary to present the survey of the plans, specifying the construction standard and materials used in each of the dwellings, since this is the main legal instrument that supports the amounts to be indemnified to the families that will be removed from these places.

Through surveys carried out with kinematic scanners to generate point clouds and also with an application installed on a smartphone or tablet to capture and vectorize the elements built in loco, it was possible to carry out quick and accurate readings of the dwellings located in these settlements of social interest. Considering the existence of houses located in risk areas and also the necessary care with social issues due to the vulnerable situation of many of the families that live in these places, the use of these two technologies brings the main advantages of greater detailing of the internal data of the houses and also greater speed in carrying out the services.

“We are always looking for innovative solutions and, this time, the way we implemented data collection on housing to be removed in a favela is proof that technology can and should be used to support processes to reduce social inequalities, enabling the improvement of housing in urban areas of social interest”, emphasizes Sondotécnica’s BIM and Innovation manager, Stefania Dimitrov.