Social Responsibility

Sondotécnica adopts a voluntary and permanent commitment to contribute to the creation of a more just, prosperous, and humane society.

In this sense, we carry out social responsibility actions through social designs, own donations, and internal campaigns.

We believe that, in this way, we are collaborating in the formation of individuals with solid bases, helping to build citizens.

Among the entities with which we collaborate are:

– Diagnostic Design to Include

Coordinated by the Jô Clemente Institute of São Paulo, this design aims to offer the reference service in diagnosis for more than 3,000 children and adolescents with suspected intellectual disability

in a situation of social vulnerability in São Paulo.

Learn more about the Jô Clemente Institute

– Midrash Center for Studies and Culture

The Midrash Cultural Center belongs to the Jewish Congregation of Brazil, which is institutionally affiliated to both the World Council of Synagogues of the Conservative Movement and the Network of Jewish Renewal Communities.

Activities occur in different areas of doing, feeling, thinking and being, in search of meaning and improvement.

Courses, lectures, study groups, musical and artistic events, as well as regular language and Judaism courses, workshops for children and spiritual practices.

Learn more about the Midrash Cultural Center

– Reação Institute

Reação Institute is a Civil Society Organization that promotes human development and social integration through sport and education, fostering judo from sports initiation to high performance. The proposal is to use sport as an educational and social transformation instrument, forming black belts inside and outside the mat.

Through the “The Way” value methodology, Reação seeks to awaken the potential of its students and families, aiming to overcome social inequalities.

Learn more about the Reação Institute

– Mano Down

Mano Down is a non-profit institution that aims to promote the inclusion and autonomy of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

The proposal of the Institute is to promote the enhanced development throughout the life cycle of the person with T21 – babies, children, young people, adults and the elderly.


In addition to social actions, Sondotécnica has invested in the effective awareness of sustainability in all its designs.

Water treatment and reuse systems and also to eliminate waste generation, use of natural light combined with care to efficiently use electricity are some practical examples that bring a huge contribution to the environment.

But a company is not enough, it is necessary to involve and engage the entire business chain, auditing and ensuring that everyone follows the criteria of the green economy. This process already happens with our suppliers, which is essential to consolidate sustainability as a value and generate partnerships for affinities of purposes.

But it is necessary to go further, to combine innovation and sustainability in the development of concrete solutions that meet the real needs of the population. The return is the recognition for the concern with the economic, social and environmental pillars, as well as the positive reputation that the company gains with society.

The key to success is to have this concept embedded in the company’s DNA, with leaders engaged and aware of the opportunities that sustainability can bring to Sondotécnica, the environment and society, guaranteeing the continuity of the business and the planet.

Social Responsibility



Sondotécnica is pleased to support the Sociedade Beneficente das Damas Israelitas do Rio de Janeiro


In 1923, a group of ladies founded the Sociedade Beneficente das Damas Israelitas do Rio de Janeiro – Froien Farain, with the mission of promoting social justice according to the precept of tzedaká. At first, they provided assistance to immigrants from Europe, helping them to find housing and work, as well as providing them with food, clothing and medicines. Nine decades have passed and the ladies continue to support the less favored, especially the elderly with cognitive-functional impairment. Today, Froien Farain provides assistance services,

maintains a Geriatric Home and a Recovery Center for temporary hospitalization. A multidisciplinary team – composed of a doctor, nurse, psychologist, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, art therapist and music therapist – provides excellence in care for the elderly and a humanized interface with residents, their families and the general public. The public utility certificates – at the municipal, state and federal levels – attest to the recognition of the quality of the services provided.

Froien Farain

Social Responsibility



Sondotécnica is pleased to support the Associação Beneficente Santa Fé

In 2022, Santa Fé will be 29 years old, serving children, adolescents and their families in a situation of high social vulnerability.

The Associação Beneficente Santa Fé inaugurated its work, articulated with governmental and non-governmental institutions, on December 1, 1993, with the Christmas Tree action. In the 23 days that followed, children and adolescents who lived in Praça da Sé, central São Paulo, were invited to participate in various recreational activities. On average, there were 230 participants per day.

The most impressive thing about this action was the significant response of the participants, observed in the quality of the works and shows produced and in the strong desire they showed to build new perspectives on life. Most of these children and adolescents had already gone through other social institutions without being attached to any of them.

In view of these results and with the firm decision to maintain the bonds established with the participants of the Christmas Tree action, a team of technicians and educators contacted 115 of these children and adolescents, offering them a new perspective on life through Escola Ambulante. , the first Santa Fé project carried out in February 1994.

Santa Fé