07/75 a 08/76

The services performed included the following main activities:

Aerophotogrammetric restitution of the area of ​​interest; Geotechnical, hydrological and geological studies; Economic studies, including: determination of the comparative advantages of the rail link in relation to the alternative road link; projection of cargo and passenger flows for a period of 20 years, through the delimitation of traffic zones, selection of products, identification of transport corridors, elaboration of auxiliary economic matrices (production and consumption) and studies on international trade. In the transport demand projections, 43 products were considered, representing at least 80% of the foreseeable traffic; Engineering studies aimed at defining the best route alternative to climb the slopes of the Andes Mountains; Draft of the Aiquile-Santa Cruz de la Sierra connection and the Vallegrande branch, the first with 390 km in length, with a difference of 1,855 m between the extreme points of the section and a maximum difference of 2,001 m, and the branch with 55 km of length and difference in level of 615 m between the extreme points. Both segments have a maximum ramp of 2%, a minimum radius of 130 m and a gauge of 1 m, with the construction of 73 viaducts and 39 tunnels being planned; Preliminary operational simulation of the selected interconnection; Operational studies of the existing sections, with recommendations for improvement for the Corumbá-Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Aiquile-Cochabamba-Oruro sections; Preparation of technical specifications for the final engineering project.


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