The metaverse is an immersive virtual environment built through various technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and holograms, integrating a network of virtual worlds with a focus on social connection. Betting on technology as a way of improving the experiences of the relationship between the built world and the conceived world, Sondotécnica could not stay out of #Hacking.Rio, the largest programming Hackathon in Latin America within the metaverse environment developed exclusively for the journey of apprenticeship. Held between September 2 and 4, the event also had a physical space at Píer Mauá.

In the dispute, more than 100 teams focused on developing solutions aimed at some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (UN). Sondotécnica put together a team made up of five participants, including young apprentices, interns and university students, who spent 42 hours immersed in the marathon. The team’s challenge was to create a project with a functional prototype focused on SDG 11, which deals with Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The team proposed a solution to improve Petrobras’ communication with the communities that live around its refineries: the ACO (Application for Accommodated Data). The idea of ​​the platform is to gather a database that would be supplied by the residents of these communities with their personal information. With this, the company would be able to better understand the needs and potential of those who live in these regions and better direct its social actions. The database would also contain information provided by institutions such as IBGE and Data.Rio and by schools, hospitals and local businesses located in these regions. “In this challenge, we prioritized the ‘win-win’ strategy, as all the entities involved, Petrobras and communities, would benefit from the surveys obtained in the application. We used as inspiration the project that Sondotécnica promotes in Paraisópolis, in São Paulo, with the revitalization of Córrego do Antonico and also the company’s expertise in the use of drones and support points on the ground to map in detail places that are difficult to access” , said the IT intern at Sondotécnica and student of Computer Engineering, Thaís Bernardo.

The union making the strength

The design of the project involved everything from programming the application and the development of the visual identity to the formats for disseminating the tool among its target audience. The multiple knowledge and experiences of the team, formed by Guilherme Siqueira, Young Apprentice at Sondotécnica and Information Security student, Israel Carvalho, recently graduated in Architecture, Rafael Machado, student of Computer Engineering, and Luís Eduardo Salgado Bueno, student of Marketing, in addition to Thais, were fundamental to this multidisciplinary mission.

“The greatest legacy for me is that we are able to trust each other, exercising a team spirit that complements each other. It was also a great exercise in creativity in a very limited time and a lesson that we need to be prepared for everything, since, at times, we had to take on responsibilities from colleagues in order for the project to be completed,” recalls Israel.

During the marathon, the team was closely monitored by professionals from Sondotécnica, such as the Information Technology manager Alcione Dolavale, the BIM and Innovation manager Stefania Dimitrov and the architect and urban planner Heloísa Masuda. “This type of event is an excellent opportunity for young people who are entering the job market to demonstrate their abilities and talents”, observes Alcione.

For Thais, the experience at the Hackathon brought discoveries that she will take with her for life. “The exchange of information and knowledge with people from different areas was enormous. We needed to analyze, criticize and question each other and, at the same time, trust each other’s work. Another great learning is about self-management. We had a giant project and each one had to do their own thing to manage their time and handle their responsibilities. I saw that it is always possible to overcome yourself, just have the right motivation. This event unlocked and unlocked a lot of things in my head,” he reflects.

According to Stefania Dimitrov, “Participating in the biggest Hackathon in Latin America represents, for Sondotécnica, an incentive to the team to promote technological solutions that improve our services. Our customers can now have immersive experiences in our digital world.”