Improving the bathing quality of beaches, cleaning up rivers and canals and bringing sanitary sewage and treated water to the population living in the municipalities of Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião, Ubatuba and Ilhabela, on the North Coast of São Paulo, are some of the objectives of the Onda Limpa and Água programs. on the coast, led by the Consórcio Sanear Litoral Norte, which is led by Sondotécnica.

This is the second phase of the project, conceived by the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (SABESP), and involves significant numbers. Construction is underway on 21 sewage pumping stations, two dams, two water treatment stations, a sewage treatment station, 47,879.66 m of collection network, three substations, 7,527 household connection units, an outfall of 6,575 .13 m, a 3,984.86 m pipeline, among other structures.

“These works have the potential to bring several benefits to the population, such as the reduction of hospitalizations due to waterborne diseases and, consequently, the reduction of general mortality rates, especially children. In addition to the increase in tourism, with an increase in income and job creation, due to the improvement of the water quality of the beaches, rivers and canals”, emphasizes the manager of Sanitation and Housing at Sondotécnica, Leo Queirolo.

A pioneer in the country in developing projects with BIM (Building Information Modeling or Building Information Modeling), Sondotécnica used the technology in the design of the Ilhabela Central Sewage Treatment Station. The methodology brings together the most modern to solve and prevent common problems in works such as unforeseen expenses, schedule changes and incompatibilities between different projects.

This Treatment Station has an innovative system that transforms the sludge generated during the treatment of sewage into “energy” to supply part of the energy needs of the administration of the ETE itself. The project was presented at the last National Sanitation and Environment Fair – FENASAN22, the largest event in the sector in Latin America, by Sondotécnica engineer Luiz Alário in the panel “Technological innovation in sewage treatment in Ilhabela: BIM and GIS to achieve environmental sustainability ”. During the fair, participants were able to get to know the structure, including the interior, of the station through virtual reality glasses.