Sondotécnica has just won the InovaInfra Award for Innovation in Engineering and Infrastructure 2022, awarded by the prestigious magazine O Empreiteiro. The highlight in innovation in Brazil of the case “Application of GIS in Road Concessions is the result of the investment that Sondotécnica has been making in the development of systems with BIM and GIS technologies and processes.

The Federal Highway Concession demobilization design in the State of Paraná had several challenges, one of which was the compilation of a large volume of physical-spatial information. After 24 years of Concession were more than 40.000 documents produced on the 524,3km of road extension.

As a solution, Sondotécnica developed a database in free software with GIS technology. All references were then organized in a Common Data Environment (CDE), with the property of user administration and permissions to access the content, in addition to the identification of those responsible for modifications. The GIS base allowed the integrated visualization of information, facilitating decision-making and monitoring of road sections in a dynamic and innovative way.

The development of the platform also received transformative care to ensure easy user access: the information could be shared via the web, avoiding the need for computers or special software. “This work brought to Sondotécnica an experience for the application of the system also in new concessions, which from the beginning can benefit from the organization of information managed in a collaborative environment,” says Stefania Dimitrov, BIM and Innovation Manager at Sondotécnica.

Sondotécnica shares with all its employees and suppliers this important victory, on a road paved by the commitment of everyone to present the best practices and best results.

We are an industry of ideas towards progress this award reinforces our mission to always innovate and therefore lead.