Sondotécnica carries the innovation and the permanent objective of evolving in its DNA. It has already been 66 years of providing strategic engineering consultancy in all branches of the infrastructure, with a lot of intelligence, rigor in details, and focus on results. But, mainly, advancing, seeking the new, and always transforming to continue providing services with excellence.

And let’s go one more time, now to digital media.

As of today, we will have a more significant presence on the internet. And so that everyone can recognize us more easily, we will adopt the name Sondotécnica Engenharia in our profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. In the face-to-face world and for all other purposes, we continue with the corporate name Sondotécnica Engenharia de Solos.

It is a change that consolidates the rebranding operation made this year. We created a new logo and established ways to reinforce our identity in communication strategies and approaches with employees, stakeholders, business partners, suppliers, customers, and the general public.

Our new brand was even launched during the pandemic in May and begins to be present in our documents, offices, and work materials.

In ports, airports, roads, bridges, sewage systems, hydroelectric plants and on the internet, you already know: where there is intelligence in infrastructure, there is Sondotécnica Engenharia!