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Quality social housing is a possible reality

Tackling the housing deficit requires efforts from various government spheres and represents a challenge for the entire construction chain. Millions of Brazilians still live in subnormal agglomerations, almost half of them located in the Southeast Region. In the capital of São Paulo, for example, there are about 900 thousand families living in precarious settlements (PMH).

It was to encourage the implementation of quality social housing that Sondotécnica entered the field through a contract to provide a BIM project management service, supporting the Municipal Housing Department of São Paulo in the great challenge of making the contracted projects more assertive. . In this way, the Department started to face part of the housing deficit with the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and procedures.

Two aspects of the use of BIM technologies and processes were prioritized. The first is to foresee in the 3D model the interferences between design disciplines that would, in the traditional methodology, be perceived many times only during the execution of the work. The second was to quantify the constructive elements with greater accuracy and, consequently, create the most accurate budget spreadsheets.

“The analysis of a social housing project requires specific and specialized verification, capable of evaluating the service. To face this great challenge, Sondotecnica created its own model auditing process, automating some verifications of legal requirements and, mainly, innovating when performing the service through an open interoperability standard, that is, in IFC (Industry Foundation Class)” , highlights Stefania Dimitrov, manager of BIM and Innovation at Sondotécnica.

The different IFC models from the different disciplines are federated into a common data environment, the CDE (Common Data Environment), allowing all involved, including the customer, access to the 3D model information without the need for specific software.

Sondotécnica performs the BIM model audit by verifying the IFC georeferencing, constructive coherence, element classification, (clash detection), correction of non-geometric information (technical specifications), among others. In this way, it foresees issues of incompatibilities and also the reliability of both geometric and non-geometric data, such as the codes linked to the properties of the models, for the extraction of the precise quantity.

It is with technology that Sondotécnica works so that everyone can have access to quality social housing.