SMS (Sondotécnica Management System) is the most modern and complete construction management system in Brazil.

Developed from decades of experience and based on the trends of the engineering sector in the international scenario, it encompasses:

– Measurement control
– Managerial dashboard
– Live cameras
Graphics and reports
Geolocation with maps
– Secure
and segmented access

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Field Productive

Designed for the day-to-day work of the technical staff, the Productive is a software/app that brings agility and focus on the execution of services.

It allows you to easily assemble the work script for work orders, photographic reports, technical reports and others.

In it, the employee receives the planning of the services with their instructions via email and the monitoring is done in real time.

The reports are intelligent, standardized, follow the identity of your company and are generated automatically from the forms and checklists completed by the technical staff.

With this, you can have a centralized history, organized and with quick access, eliminating the work of scanning and preparing reports.

The app allows you to manage studies on non-conformities, create action plans and track progress, as well as do analysis by process, customer and/or period to ensure continuous improvement.

The app works offline and collects photographic evidence, digital signatures and GPS location. Available for Android and IOS

On-Site Monitoring Camera

Real-time monitoring of the works through a network of cameras, in addition to expanding the safety factor, is also a modern and agile way of managing the progress of the design.

Through them, directors and engineering teams are able to detect opportunities for improvement and anticipate solutions to possible problems, further optimizing the design and reducing costs.

The cameras have excellent resolution, providing clarity in all details, and are installed at strategic points and at a height so that the entire construction site is covered.

Key Features:

– Developed to withstand bad weather and hostile environments
– Telescopic pole mount up to 12 meters
– 110/220v or Solar
– Real-time viewing on computers or mobile devices
– Images stored
in cloud
– Ultra
HD4K resolution- 100% autonomous solution– power and transmission of images and data.


The application of drones in engineering and infrastructure designs is revolutionizing the industry. Sondotécnica was one of the pioneers in Brazil in the use of this technology, which provides several possibilities that, until then, were restricted or unfeasible due to the high cost, which involved the rental of helicopters, professional cameras and more.

The use of drones is a powerful support during the execution of the work with the generation of the faithful 3D model of the construction. By importing the construction design data and cross-referencing with the model obtained through aerial images, it is possible to monitor the development of the activities according to the schedule and also check the accuracy of the work.

It is possible to use them for Mapping, Photogrammetry (capturing two-dimensional or 3D images) and Topography, being able to fly over and capture large areas and terrains with extreme quality and range of details.

Services using Drone to collect field information:

– Periodic funding for reports of physical progress of works;
– Visual inspections in structures;

Topographic survey using Drone:

– Rental of control points to ensure accuracy and perform georeferencing;
– Flight planning and survey;
– Image processing and point cloud generation;
– Image processing and orthomosaic generation – GSD 1.75cm;
– 2D vectorization on point cloud;
– Generated technical drawing.

Laser Scanner

The topographic laser survey provides such accuracy that it is able to show the elevations and the entire geographical positioning of the area that was scanned.

The emitted beams determine the angles and the updated positions, resulting in a complete topographic survey.

Its use considerably reduces the response time and allows the capture of topographic information in inaccessible places.

It is a technological equipment relevant mainly for the construction of works in extensive areas and with various unevenness.

It is also used in monitoring excavations; extracting volume of objects and even locating equipment at the construction site.

Better than all these functions, it is interesting to think that reality capture and its information can be used in a BIM model, with a range of possibilities that make a difference in any design.

Topography Survey with RPA Support

Topographic survey is the process that aims to obtain information from the topography of a plot, in order to elaborate a graphical representation that faithfully describes the model of that plot.

This representation must present a series of information, such as level curves, as well as at which points there are constructions, trees, landfills, slopes, among others.

Through the use of RPAs (remotely piloted aircraft), popularly known as drones, Sondotécnica carries out this survey with a number of advantages, such as:

– High-quality images
– Lower timefram
– Lower cost
– Reach hard-to-reach places
-High accuracy

Planning / Management

The project of a work is something complex, which requires activities composed, developed and executed by experienced professionals in the area of civil construction, responsible for managing several issues, such as deadlines, quality, risks and costs.

Good management and planning must present guarantees and alternatives for the activities that are being developed and executed during the work, providing the full use of materials and labor, without waste, unnecessary losses and avoiding eventual rework.

Sondotécnica has highly specialized teams, which together do an integrated and qualified work, transforming raw data into polished strategic intelligence.

It all starts with the field teams, who do the preliminary data collection, such as topography, terrain characteristics, etc.

Then, the management and planning team enters the scene to process this data, which consists of analyzing the items obtained including other variables, such as the investment issue, schedule, etc.

After consolidating the information for decision making, the information technology team makes this content available to all those involved in the design, so that the work can continue.

Final Products (SAAM)

SAAM is a System for Analysis, Monitoring and Monitoring of engineering and architecture designs, focused on the exposure and sharing of the progress of works in real time.

With it, it is possible to monitor in real time the physical and financial progress of your contracts, comparing what is planned with what has been done.

You can feed it from any device connected to the internet, with relevant information, progress, photos and documents.

It is a tool that integrates multiple information and materials, making different items available to different users, with autonomy, security and transparency.

The integration between SAAM and its App provides fantastic results, a complete package for management and supervision of all types of works, whether Reurbanization, transportation, energy, irrigation, etc.

Among the items offered to our customers are:

– Reports;
– Video Drone Report;
– Measurement Control;
– Point Cloud;
– BIM;
– Time-lapse;
– Photos;
– Live Cameras.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Increasingly present in the civil construction sector, mainly due to its ability to solve problems such as design management and compatibility between them.

A pioneer in the use of BIM in Brazil (with the BR 116 design), Sondotécnica can create, through BIM-based software, a detailed 3D model of the work, much more detailed and close to the final result than 2D prototypes or even models that only have mere visual data in 3D.

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Sondotécnica Research Center

To support its entire service area, Sondotécnica has a Technological Information Unit to support research, studies and design development.

Through a secure and organized database, all information can be consulted by our professionals through the company's network or via the internet.

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Specialized team

The secret of Sondotécnica's leadership lies in a highly specialized team.

We have professionals who combine academic training in prestigious institutions (including international) with extensive market experience, having worked in large works in Brazil and also abroad.

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